It's A Jork!: The Self-Aware XBox Kinect Hack

March 16, 2011


This is a College Humor original about a guy who hacked his XBox Kinect to be self aware. It's every bit as frightening as you might expect and I believe offers a real glimpse of the future. Ooooooor that movie 'Eagle Eye' with Shay LeBouff (not changing it), which I've seen twice despite being one of the shittiest movies ever made. That said, I thought this video was actually pretty funny. The guy's delivery is great. My mailman's? Dude couldn't delivery himself out of a wet paper bag with box cutters in his hand. You hear me? BONER PILLS OR I RELEASE THE DOGS.

Hit the jump for the LOLs.

College Humor
Kinect Hack: The sensor goes self-aware [joystiq]

Thanks to client_nine, Jane and Belpheegor, who all hacked their own Kinects after watching this -- with axes! *zing*

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