Please Insert Coin(s) To Continue: Seventy Oldschool Video Game Deaths In 2:30

March 28, 2011


This is a video made by BoingBoing featuring seventy oldschool video game deaths in less than three minutes (all set to an 8-bit version of Mad World). If your first console was a Playstation, you'll probably recognize less than ten of the games. Now I know what you just realized, "OMG -- he's just posting this because he can't remember the name of the game in that first picture and wants it so he can download an emulator and play it again!" Congratulations, detective -- you caught me red-headed. "It's handed, dumbass, not headed." Really? I dunno, headed seems way worse.

Hit the jump, then tell me the name of that game so I can download an emulator and get my groove back game on.

Classic arcade game deaths [boingboing]
Seventy video game deaths in two minutes [dvice]

Thanks to Alex, who better not have been one of those kids that was always coming up to me at the arcade asking for prize-tickets. SHUT UP AND GO PLAY SKEE-BALL.

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