Indian Space Program Finds Giant Hole In Moon, Starts Planning Moon Bounce Base

March 1, 2011


Geekologie Writer to Moonbase Alpha. How's the cheese? Over.

A giant lunar cave capable of housing a future moonbase -- this is the kind of shit science fiction is all about! Like, literally -- THE. ACTUAL. SHIT.

Discovered by the Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft, this chamber is more than one mile long and 393 feet wide. There would be lots of benefits of building a moon base in there, mainly for protection from the nastiness of the surface of the moon. It'd provide a nearly constant temperature of -4 degrees Fahrenheit, unlike the surface, which fluctuates between 266 degrees and -292 degrees. And it would provide protection from radiation, micro-meteor impacts and dust.

Sooooooooooo -- are the walls made out of moon cheese or not? Because if they are I could eat that cave to be twice as big. Unless it's breast cheese, in which case I could puke until my space helmet fills up and I drown.

Giant chamber on the moon discovered, perfect for a future base [dvice]

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