I'll Admit, That Is Pretty Clever: Prison Inmates Sent Drugs As Dosed Coloring Book Pages

March 30, 2011


Looks like a normal coloring book page, right? Something a parent might reluctantly hang on the refrigerator while mentally reminding themselves to take it down before any guests can see it? WRONG! It's been dosed with drugs. *tears open mail licking everything*

Back in February, corrections officers received information that the drug Suboxone (aka Buprenorphine) [a narcotic used to treat opiate addiction but often used recreationally] was being channeled into the Correctional Center through inmate mail.

The tip led to a full investigation. During the second week of February, a mail room officer discovered mail containing a coloring book page. The page had an Orange substance blotted on it that looked similar to watercolor paint.

Investigators confiscated the page and sent it to the Cape May County Prosecutor's Office Laboratory for testing. The page tested positive for Suboxone.

Pretty clever guys, but you've got to get up preeeeeetty early to trick an old trickster the Cape May County Correctional Center. Now -- I've never actually been to prison before (only jail), but I don't know how I'd feel about doing drugs in there. Making potty beer sure, but I'm afraid anything else might make me go crazy. Like dropping acid and locking yourself in a hall closet. You're just not the same after that. Are you? I'm not. WHO SAID THAT?! Me. Me who? You did, this is you. GAAAAAAAAAH! *fighting to stab myself*

Hit the jump for one more coloring book page.


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Thanks to Martin, who sneaks drugs into prison the old fashioned way: through his butt. Okay I was gonna say by carrier pigeon but whatever bro, it's your sphincter.

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