I...Don't Get It: Plastic-Bagged Bananas

March 2, 2011


I thought God invented bananas with peels so we wouldn't have to put them in bags. But what do I know? I'm just a guy who made a cucumber salad after his roommate used it as a buttplug. NOT COOL, DEREK. I'm afraid to even ask what he did to my string cheese.

While the trial may seem bizarre at a time when big businesses are under pressure to reduce packaging waste, Del Monte insists the addition of a clear plastic bag is actually a green measure.

The company claims that the bag contains 'Controlled Ripening Technology' - which extends the shelf-life of the banana by up to six days.

The banana is put into the plastic bag when it is green and, according to the manufacturers, goes on to ripen more slowly than if it had been left in the open air.

The product is also being trialled in the U.S. where the wrapped bananas are selling for one dollar each

$1 apiece? WTF! I thought bananas were like 25¢. Oooh oooh, I've got an idea -- How about I just BUY AN UNBAGGED BANANA WITH MY DESIRED LEVEL OF RIPENESS? "Because, ignoramus, all the ones at the market are either way too green or already destined for banana bread." Whoa whoa whoa -- I didn't realize we had a banana expert in the audience! "Well you do. Did you know the Dwarf Cavendish is the most common variety of bana--" ENOUGH FROM YOU, MONKEY!

It's bananas! Fruit gets a second skin with Del Monte packaging [dailymail]

Thanks to Erin, who doesn't eat bananas as much as she holds them like guns and go "PEW PEW PEW!"

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