Hi-Ho Silver Midnite!: Lil Horsey Gets 2nd Chance At Life With Custom Prosthetic Leg

March 24, 2011


This is Midnite (not to be confused with midnight, which is when your carriage turns back into a pumpkin). Midnite is a little horsey who was born without part of a back leg. His original owner, without the decency to contact somebody who might be able to help or putting a bullet in his head, opted to neglect him instead. Eventually, he was confiscated by authorities (who hopefully taught the owner what it feels like to be missing a leg -- *PEW PEW* I SAID DANCE, COWBOY!), and delivered to Ranch Hand Rescue, who in turn worked with Forth Worth Prosthetic Care to slap a prosthetic on the lil guy. They were hoping he'd be able to walk with his new leg, but after just his second fitting, Midnite was running (WARNING: VIDEO AFTER THE JUMP INCLUDES FOOTAGE OF MIDNITE RUNNING FOR THE FIRST TIME AND WILL MAKE YOU CRY). Boom -- happy ending. And as for that original, neglectful owner... *tossing duffel-bag of zip-ties and duct tape in trunk* Roooooad trip!

Hit the jump for the heartwarming video news report.

This Tiny Horse With a Prosthetic Leg Will Melt Your Cold, Snarky Heart [gizmodo]

Thanks to Joseph, who may or may have raised Jesus like a son. No? Not the same one? WELL WHO THE HELL' S PARENTS NAME A CHILD JOSEPH ANYMORE?! "Mine". Oh, right. Great name BTW.

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