High-Res Cassini Space Probe Photos Used To Make Realistic Video Fly-By Of Saturn

March 18, 2011


Space: I've lived there. It was pretty cool. Never been to Saturn though, although I did regretfully visit Uranus once. Fine, TWICE. Just kidding -- your butt's mad nasty! This is a video fly-by of Saturn created from photos taken by the Cassini space probe. I watched it high. No, no I didn't. I watched it holding my head between my hands praying I don't puke again.

Cassini has been snapping away photos ever since it was launched and recently, as part of an IMAX movie project called Outside In, some of these hi res images have been tweaked and cropped, and compiled into the short video above...

For extra geek points, look out for the inspiration for the Death Star, Saturn's moon Mimas and its Herschel Crater, clearly visible as Cassini flies over.

Wait a minute -- what the hell are geek points and why haven't I heard of them? Can you trade them in for prizes? Can they be mined like Warcraft gold? Is there a website I can go to that tracks my total? I WANT ANSWERS. Ooooooor a handful of aspirin and a nap.

Hit the jump and get ready to play outerspace (skip to the 1:00 mark for the good stuff).

Vimeo Video
Cassini Flies by Saturn (GeekDad Video of the Day) [wired]

Thanks to Sara and Inky Bloc, who have both flown by Saturn before but were passed out face-down on their tray-tables in a pile of peanuts and airplane spaceship bottles.

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