Hello, The Future! (Where's My Flying Car?): Toothbrush With A Built-In Paste Resevoir

March 23, 2011


Four out of five dentists recommend it! Just kidding. But one out of ten dentists will try to touch your privates with an elbow during a filling. Trust me, I went undercover. No, no I didn't. I just ate a lot of candy growing up. *raising roof* CANDY FOR BREAKFAST, ICE-CREAM FOR LUNCH, WHAT WHAT! Skittle tits & Magic Shell nips till I die, son! Which, fun fact: will probably be sooner than later because I've going into diabetic shock on the reg.

Twist&Brush, a great concept by the Spanish designers Awamura-ganjavian that crams a toothpaste dispenser and a toothbrush into one elegant little package.

The ingenious feature is the handle, which works like a cross between a syringe and a deodorant stick. Fill it up with toothpaste, then when you're ready to brush, twist the bottom a few notches and toothpaste squeezes out the bristles.

Twist&Brush, really? Who the hell wants to twist & brush, WE WANNA TWIST & SHOUT AMIRITE?! "GW, you seem hyper. What exactly did you have for lunch today?" *swinging from ceiling fan trying to lasso a dog with my belt* TWO QUARTS OF BIRTHDAY CAKE ICE CREAM WITH SPRINKLES, WHY?!

One more shot after the jump.


A Toothbrush That Doubles as a Tube of Toothpaste [fastcodesign]
This Toothbrush-Toothpaste Hybrid Will Eliminate Those Travel-Sized Tubes You Bring On Vacation [gizmodo]

Thanks to raxor, waaaaaaay duller than a razor but he won't knick your Adam's apple either. Hmmm, tough call.

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