Happy Endings: Hachi The Terminator Dog

March 16, 2011


I meant to post this earlier this week but it got buried in my inbox under a plethora of 'add 6-inches to your d*ck' spam (which, for the record, yes, would make me all of 8-inches). Ha, who knew you're not supposed to use your primary email when signing up for shifty websites. You live and learn. Ooooooor live and continue doing the same thing over and over again like me. Per an email 'Hachi the Terminator dog' tipster Allis sent me over the weekend:

You are a miracle worker. We have had Hachi in our adoption program for over a year and a half. Sarting Thursday through today, we have received about 30 applications to adopt him! And in the last year and 1/2, maybe five or six, and all for one reason or another would not work for him.

We are all grateful that you chose Hachi and we are keeping our fingers crossed that this will be his good luck charm to his forever home.

A reporter contacted us and is going to write a story about him, so if one of the current applications don't work, he will have more coverage.

Thanks again for chosing Hachi. We are all very grateful!!!

BOOM -- consider yourself happy-ended. "I, uh -- I had something different in mind." Shut up, pervert. YOU'LL GET KICKED IN THE NUTS AND LIKE IT.

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Thanks again to Alli, who encourages you all to have your pet spayed or neutered (just like Bob would!) and seriously consider adoption when it comes to picking a pet.

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