Guy's Zoidberg Impression Gets Nose Broken

March 1, 2011


Probably should've practiced in the mirror longer.

A 22-year old who was impersonating Professor Zoidberg from Futurama got his nose broken and teeth chipped after being punched in the face by a man who obviously hates cartoons. Whatever, I roundhoused a guy for doing a pretty shameful Elmer Fudd once.

The man told police he was "just playing around" Feb. 11 near King and Calhoun streets when he began imitating Zoidberg. The report says the 22-year-old described Zoidberg as "a lobster doctor that walks sideways with his claws out and makes noise."

When "Zoidberg" passed another man on the street, the other man reportedly asked, "What did you say to me?" The 22-year-old's friends pulled him away from the man, "telling him, 'keep going, he said nothing to you,' " according to the report.

The man reportedly followed for about 20 feet and threw the punch. The alleged assailant, who is known by the 22-year-old, reportedly ran away, the report states.

Doh! (JK, JK -- wrong cartoon) Admittedly, unless you've really got the voice down, painted your face red and have tentacles for a mustache it might be a hard impression for someone to get. Not that you should get punched in the face for trying, but I'd at least go for a back-slap to freeze your face like that WHICH DOES WORK (I've been cross-eyed with my tongue sticking since I was six). They don't call me McDreamy for nothin'!

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Thanks to Zombeertroll and Landon, who don't do cartoon impersonations because they value breathing out their noses. Definitely beats mouth-breathing, that's for sure.

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