A Real Coin-Spitting Mario Question Block

March 25, 2011


This is a short video of a guy who made a real-life Mario question block that, when punched from beneath, actually spits a coin out the top. Next stop: growing money on trees.

A 555 timer controls a servo motor to push the coins out of the top while an MP3 player plays the appropriate sound effect. Luckily for us, Bruno painstakingly detailed the build process complete with photos, schematics, PCB designs, the sound effect, and graphics for the exterior.

Oh man, I wish every time I punched something money came flying out. *punches laptop* Damn, nothing. *punches harder* Hello -- WHAT HAVE WE HERE?! A screw. F***!

Hit the jump for a very short video that could have used a tripod and a link to the Instructable in case you want to make your own (you don't though is the thing).

Real life coin block [instructables]
Score Coins Like Mario, But in Real Life [make]

Thanks to Scott, who I asked if I could call Scooter but he said no. TOO BAD, SCOOTER! God, tipsters must love me.

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