Guy Loses Leg, Opts For Cyborg Prosthetic

March 23, 2011


Reddit user captaincripple lost his leg in a motorcycle accident and has since had a custom-painted prosthetic made. This is it. It looks half-human, half-robotic, 100% something that would freak me out if I saw fall off.

Im 20 years old and a bit over 12 months ago had a motorbike accident. I love my prosthetic! I'm back working doing a carpentry apprenticeship which is awesome! Not going to lie, not having a leg is the best conversation starter with the ladies, with my favourite line being "Ill give you 3 guesses as to why I have a limp, if you get it wrong you can buy me a drink and let me flirt with you for a while"

Okay that whole 'you have to let me flirt with you' thing making me all kinds of sad inside aside, I've got two things worth mentioning, both of which lead to the same thing. 1. your name is captaincripple and 2. you're doing a carpentry apprenticeship. A captain AND a carpenter? HOW THE F*** DID YOU NOT OPT FOR A PEGLEG?!?! This is really gonna bother me for a long time.

Hit the jump for two more shots from different angles, all of which show a pair of gym shorts that need to be retired.


My new terminator prosthetic leg/artwork! [reddit]
The Coolest Prosthetic Leg Ever [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Allison, who agrees a similar design just wouldn't work for fake tits.

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