Grillin' On The Go: Messenger Bag Travel Grill

March 9, 2011


The Fuego Element Portable Grill isn't your grandpa's grill. And not just because your grandpa wouldn't be caught dead carrying a 'lady-bag', but the dude did see war and you are 2,000% more effeminate. So yeah, a $150 portable grill with shoulder-strap. Sure beats karate-chopping a tree down and lighting it with laser-vision, amirite?! F*** no I'm not! That's how you score bear groupies.

...features built-in legs that fold up to become handles, a red travel band to hold everything together when you're on the move, and an adjustable canvas shoulder strap for hands-free lugging. It's got a cast iron grill grate, push button ignition, an 8,000 BTU stainless steel burner, nearly 160 square inches of cooking area, and a dishwasher-safe tray to catch runoff, all inside a museum-quality design.

'Museum-quality' obviously ain't what it used to be aside, this is actually a pretty good idea provided that rubber strap keeps it sealed tight. Because otherwise it quickly becomes less of a good idea and more ash all over the back of your pants and people thinking you shit yourself. Which you probably did. Hiking: it's not for everyone.

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Fuego Element Portable Grill [uncrate]

Thanks to Jordan, who grills things the old fashioned way: he doesn't -- he just eats that shit raw. WORMS JORDAN HAS WORMS!

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