Geekologie Reader's DIY Zelda Mini-Arcade

March 9, 2011


This is Geekologie Reader Greg's homemade Legend of Zelda mini-arcade. It has a Nintendo stuffed in the back. Originally Greg just sent me a video of the machine, which looks suspiciously like it was filmed in the middle of a seizure, so I convinced him to send me some pictures. A couple more of those and the video (complete with Ms. Pac-Man mini-arcade!) after the jump. Good lookin', Greg. I'm talking about the machine itself, not your camera skills. Those still leave a little something lot of everything to be desired. GET A TRIFORCE, BRO! "You mean tripod?" I SAID WHAT I MEANT, LINK CAN'T BE TRUSTED ANYMORE. NOW GO! Oh wait, I almost forgot -- It's dangerous to go alone! Take this. *hands dildo*

*waits for Greg to leave, calls buddy on phone* Duuuuuude -- I just sent a guy out the door to battle Ganon with a f***in' dildo for a sword! The octorocs are gonna eat his ass alive!

Hit the jump for a couple more pics and a video walkaround (NOT reach).





Thanks Greg, now make me one. *Jedi hand-wave* For free.

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