From That Star Trek Song Girl: 'Navi's Song'

March 25, 2011


Here's another song from Youtube user meekakitty (meekakitty? youkakitty!), best known for that Star Trek song she did. This one is a Zelda-themed love song sung by Navi for Link. At first glance the song might appear 5:30 long, but it's actually only 3:00, with 2:30 of the girl blathering afterward in case you want to have your nerd boner shattered into a million pieces. So yeah, stop at 3:00. Also, by the store on your way over and pick up some snacks. And by snacks I mean beer. EATING'S FOR DORKS!

Hit the jump for the not-bad music video.

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Thanks to Randy and beastly breast hair. Actually, just thanks to Randy.

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