Freaky Chicken/Turkey 'Churkey' Mutants

March 18, 2011


They look f***in' delicious.

These freaky-ass 'Transylvanian Naked Neck Chickens' (yes, really) are chickens with a genetic mutation that gives them turkey-like necks. Or did one bang a giraffe? I'm on to you, Old MacFrankenstein!

The scientists said the effects of the genetic mutation were enhanced by a vitamin A-derived substance produced around the bird's neck.

This causes a protein, BMP12, to be produced, suppressing feather growth and causing the bird to have its bald neck, according to researchers at the Roslin Institute at Edinburgh University.

The team said the findings could help poultry production in hot countries because chickens with naked necks were better equipped to withstand the heat.

You know what other kind of chicken is better equipped to withstand the head? Nuggets. Seriously, they actually taste better if you cook them instead of just sucking on them frozen. But not by much!

Experts unravel 'churkey' appearance mystery [bbcnews]
Meet the weird bird that's half-chicken, half-turkey [io9]

Thanks to kelly, who wants to know if they'll still run around for awhile if you cut their heads off. THEY BETTER!

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