For The Apocalypse: Submarine Tanks

March 11, 2011


Submarine tanks: they just make sense. No, no they don't. But they do make claustrophobics shit their pants just thinking about them!

It wasn't necessary to invent an entirely fake challenge for the basis of this concept, but Phil Pauley Interactive went and did it anyway. It's the Transatlantic Seafloor Research Challenge, and (if it existed) it would promote oceanic research by tasking submarines equipped with wheels or tank treads to drive all the way across the Atlantic ocean, because why not?

Ah yes, what better way to undertake oceanic research THAN DRIVING OVER EVERYTHING WITH A TANK? "Look -- a new species of *SQUISH!* nevermind." OMG, the mermaids are gonna be piiiiiiiiiiiissed. Even more so than the time I went snorkeling with a 'show me your tits' sign (I accidentally harpooned one in the fin).

On another, much more serious sea-related note: my heart and thoughts go out to all those affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami.

Hit the jump for another shot of this model and another one with wheels. Underwater monster truck FTW!





Submarine with tank treads would be utterly unstoppable [dvice]

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