Good Causes: The Healing Heroes Project

March 28, 2011


Picture moderately unrelated.

The Healing Heroes Project is a nonprofit venture by do-gooder Scott Hall in which he gives terminally ill children in the hospital superhero "templates" to color and create the way they'd like, then Josh uses them to customize existing action figures into one-off's of the children's own designs. *wiping tear* Sorry -- I think I got a shard of glass in my eye.

Healing Heroes is a project dedicated to helping critically and terminally ill children. The aim of the project is to bring a little happiness into these childrens lives in a time when things might not be looking so bright for them. And what makes a kid happier than toys!

More specifically the goal is to have the children design a superhero and within a week have an actual 1 of a kind custom action figure made for them from their design.

It is my hope that this will in some small way help the kids through a really tough time in their lives and give them something positive to focus on while in the hospital.

Scott is currently seeking action figure donations to help get the project underway (or start a massive action figure collection on the cheap), so if you're interested in helping out be sure to go check out his website for details. Then, pat yourself on the back and pray Ol' St. Nick wasn't f***ing napping. I EXPECT BIG THINGS THIS YEAR, FAT MAN!

The Healing Heroes Project

Thanks to Taylor, who wishes all the sick children Wolverine-like recoveries. Couldn't have said it better myself.

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