Find Makarov: The (Very Impressive Looking) Fan-Made Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Trailer

March 2, 2011


This is a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare themed movie trailer called 'Find Makarov' that proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that fans are making movies I'd be more likely to go see than the big production companies. Just watch it. Then realize if 20th Century Fox was responsible it would include some kind of shitty love story that'll make you want to throw the rest of your Skittles at the screen (and you LOVE Skittles!). But I'm here to tell you throwing candy isn't the answer, my friend. No, flushing paper towels down all the toilets until they overflow -- that's the answer. Also: to bad restaurant service and passing time at the DMV. Pretty much everything really. Girlfriend wants to go shopping at the mall? Sure, I'll flood some bathrooms.

Hit the jump and be impressed (make sure to watch in HD).


Thanks to Scott, devon, Knife Sniper and Alex, who prefer traditional warfare to the modern stuff. What are we talking, swords and catapults? I can get down like that.

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