FINALLY -- Huffable Meat: J & D's BaconAir

March 31, 2011


J&D's, the same company that brought us bacon mayonnaise, bacon lip balm, bacon envelopes and bacon popcorn, is back at it, this time with huffable bacon-flavored oxygen. But, before I go any further, TOMORROW IS APRIL FOOLS' DAY -- don't let anybody fool you. So on that note, this is probably fake. Oooooooor it could be real. God knows I've already seen even crazier shit this week (a stray cat f***ing a dog on a leash). Allegedly the product was inspired by these huffable chocolates and is shipping soon for $9. *reading product site* "95% pure Himalayan oxygen". FAKE! FAKE AS HALF THE TITS IN HOLLYWOOD. Still, if it turns out not to be you should definitely only use it after igniting the spray. You know, for that authentic smoked bacon flavor. Kidding, I want you to melt your face off.

News report and link to iffy product site after the jump. Feel free to fool your friends (they're all dicks anyways).

Product Site

Thanks to Fally, who's seen 'Space Balls' before and knows what canned oxygen is actually supposed to look like.

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