Finally, A Realistic Taser Toy For Children

March 2, 2011


Children: they like to hurt each other. I remember having rock fights when I was a kid, but that was back in the stone ages (rock joke!). Now kids have electronics, and, FINALLY, a realistic-looking and functional taser toy. That's right, it actually shocks. Some children may never grow hair on their balls! Or keep their lunch money.

  • Ideal joke and monster toy.
  • Get an electric shock by touching the baton when you touch the shock button.
  • You can either shock to get you moving again or give some annoying persons a strong but harmless shock.
  • Reusable and not dangerous if used properly.
  • Great for jokes, fun and play.
  • Adult shock toy, not for children or elders.
  • Built-in flashlight, and it is safe to use if you don't touch the shock button.

Right, it's an "adult shock toy". Please, like I don't already have a car battery and alligator clips in the bedroom. I do is the thing. Plus a backup generator. Just sayin', you ever seen electricity arc between two nipples before? Me neither. But I have rubbed my socks on the carpet and touched my penis to the doorknob. What?! OH LIKE YOU'VE NEVER PLAYED ZEUS BEFORE.

Product Site (ONLY $3.40!!)
Working stun gun for kids must be the most inappropriate toy ever [dvice]

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