Finally, A Color Nightvision Video Camera

March 3, 2011


You know what the biggest problem with nightvision cameras is? They make your sex tape look like shit. If I wanted to see two green, googly-eyed aliens having sex I'd buy a telescope and point it at the moon (oh they're there). Enter the COLOR nightvision camera -- heralding a new age in nightvision sex videos. Please note: 20-minute shots of your b-hole still not cool. GET A TRIPOD, CECIL B. DePERVERT!

The Nanosystem Research Division of AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Japan), recently showed off a new camera that...makes use of highly sensitive infrared technology that allows it to capture real-time color video in darkness. Using advanced algorithms to analyze reflected wavelengths from objects of different colors, the camera is able to fill the images with colors instead of the usual monochrome green color we've come to expect from night vision cameras. The camera is still in development stage yet, but there are plans to turn it into a commercial device for sale to the public by the end of 2011...

God, just imagine if this technology had existed back in '04 when Paris Hilton filmed her sextape. It would STILL be entirely unwatchable! Which brings me to my point: it's all about angles and positions, folks. Trust me, I studied sex film in college (read: pretended I was asleep and taped my roommate masturbating).

Video explanation of the technology after the jump if you're interested.

Night vision camera that shoots in color [ubergizmo]

Thanks to Trevor, who claims he has nightvision footage of real Smurfs but I'm pretty sure they're just leprechauns. See? You can tell by the hats.

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