Wonder How Big A Blue Whale's Heart Is?

March 11, 2011


This big. Around 1,300 lbs to be inexact. Plus "its heartbeat can be detected from two miles away and a human can fit in its arteries." Not only that, I heard their sperm are the size of jet-skis. Just kidding, I'd still ride on one though.

MyWhaleWeb (hey mine shoots webs too!)
How Big Is a Blue Whale's Heart? [geekosystem]

Thanks to Melissa, who really loves whales. Like, to the point where she has stickers of them all over her Trapper Keeper. Nice, psycho.

  • Fat_Rangar_Chick_4Life

    this encourages me to make a new diarama.

  • Fat_Rangar_Chick_4Life

    holy smokes! i just can't get over it

  • Fat_Rangar_Chick_4Life

    holy macarony that is huge

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