Do It Yourself: Geeky Homemade Lamp

March 18, 2011


This is a homemade lamp designed by Anonymity Blaze by replacing an old floor lamp's panels with ones that've been stenciled/sketched with a bunch of pictures of geeky-ass thangs. COULD'VE USED A DINO I'M JUST SAYIN'.

So, today's crafty post. I had this floor lamp that I loved very much, but some of the panels had been damaged over the years, so I decided to cut all the panels out, replace the ones that were too badly ripped and salvage the ones that weren't. Maybe I'd add some small embellishments, I thought. Then it turned into an epic stencil project that took up all my crafts-for-me time throughout January and February.

There's several more pictures after the jump showing it from all sides, but you'll need to peep her blog for some real nice closeups. Geez, way to make my lamp look like trash. "GW, that's not a lamp, that's a bare lightbulb dangling from a coat hanger." Haha, you like that, do you? You should see my bedside one! "That's your bedside lamp? It looks like a box of tissues in a wastebasket." *produces lighter from pocket* Hold up -- let me turn it on.

Hit the jump for some detail shots.






The Geekiest Lamp in All of Geekdom [anonymityblaize]

Thanks to Ashton, who only uses oil-lamps because electricity is the devil's work. WHO TOLD YOU THAT?! I think they might be on to something.

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