Die Creep!: Most Realistic Humanoid To Date

March 7, 2011


Not to date like, "damn, I wanna take that stud out to dinner and play with his wiener afterward", to date like, "up to this point in time". Introducing Geminoid DX, the latest doppelganger of death from Kokoro Co. Ltd and this creepy mamma-jamma.

When we wrote Prof. Scharfe [the man whom the robot was modeled after] inquiring about the android, he confirmed: "No, it is not a hoax," adding that they've been working on the project for about a year now. His Geminoid was built by Kokoro in Tokyo and is now at Japan's Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) in Nara for setup and testing. "In a couple of weeks I will go back at Japan to participate in the experiments," he says. "After that, the robot is shipped to Denmark to inhabit a newly designed lab."

I posted several videos after the jump showing the ultra-realistic facial expressions and mannerisms the robot is capable of, none of which made me feel very warm and fuzzy inside. Cold and razor-wiry, yes. Is it wrong to feel so much hate for something that isn't even human? I say no. As a matter of fact, I f***ed my toaster up with a stool this morning for burning a bagel. Admit it -- YOU KNEW IT WAS THE LAST ONE!

A comparison shot of the live and humanoid versions, a couple shots of the robot without his face-skin on (in case you hate sleeping) and four short videos of the creep in action after the jump.




Latest Geminoid Is Incredibly Realistic [spectrum]

Thanks to Jesse, Joseph, 'Rick, yo!', Vince and brookmarin, who have already started sharpening their lasers. You, uh, guys do know lasers don't need sharpening, right? Yeah, just batteries. Shocking I know.

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