Company To Offer Fake Facebook Girlfriends

March 29, 2011


Because sadness knows no bounds, is allegedly a real website launching soon that will create fake-ass Facebook girlfriends for dudes so they can interact with them and, I dunno -- feel even worse about themselves? Make other girls jealous? Listen guys -- if you honestly have a fake Facebook girlfriend to make other girls jealous, congratulations: it's only working on your mom. I assume this is going to be some kind of pay service which makes it even worse, but who knows. "A PAY SITE?! Why would I pay for something I could do myself?" Could do, or do do? "I said COULD do." Yeah did you just say that because you're embarrassed to say doodoo? C'mon, EVERYONE POOPS! (except me and all attractive women)

Cloudgirlfriend (there, but still on the launchpad)
Geekologie on Facebook (way better than a fake girlfriend!)

Thanks to Joseph, who doesn't need any fake Facebook girlfriends because he only uses Myspace. LOLWUT?! Accept my friend request already.

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