Bruce Wayne Would Approve: Batman Mirror

March 22, 2011


Unfortunately, Bruce Wayne didn't approve, which and the piece is entirely unlicensed (my favorite kind of product). Created and sold by Latvian design firm Katz, the 'Bat Mirror' comes with a black, white or gold frame for 290€ ($412). CUSTOM COLORS AVAILABLE FOR EXTRA. HJ'S FREE WITH ORDERS OVER $1,000 (not really but you should insist you have a coupon).

This huge neo-rococo mirror is carefully hand-molded from plaster. The rumor has is that the one who dares to gaze at it long enough would see a certain superhero symbol unravels.

Unravels -- or glares at you like the butthole of a skinny man bent over in a gym locker room? Oh no, OH NO -- DON'T YOU WINK AT ME!

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Bat Mirror [coolmaterial]

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