Born With A Beard: Baby Unicorn Picture

March 28, 2011


Note: Larger version HERE in case you want to print out on photo-quality paper and slip it in the front of your Trapper Keeper (who doesn't?!).

This is a baby unicorn. Except not really because it's all "copper tube, aluminium and steel wire armature, Padico Premier stoneware clay, taxidermy glass eyes, recycled mohair, rayon flocking, silicone ears/facial features, resin, polymer clay." So yeah, not a single ounce of sunbeams, fairy dust and gumdrops. Still -- recycled mohair, that's something. SOMETHING SCRATCHY! Seriously, Stardancer -- you're chafing my nuts somethin' fierce, bro. I'm not sure this whole 'bareback ride to the moon' thing was such a good idea after all. I blame the weeds. I also vote we turn around and head back to-- OVER THERE, WHAT'S THAT?! *tries to break off horn*

Indigo-Ocean's DeviantART
Some chick's Tumblr
Baby Unicorn [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Melissa, who claims she saw a real unicorn when she was a little girl. Melissa -- are you sitting down? That was a retarded deer.

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