Bootyful: Sweet Pirate Ship Themed Bedroom

March 7, 2011


Bootyful, get it?! Me neither, my dogs told me to type it or they'd pee on my favorite rug AND THEN THE WHOLE ROOM WOULD COME UNRAVELED. Lebowski reference -- count it.

This is a pirate-themed bedroom designed for a six-year old who may or may yes be spoiled rotten. It can be accessed via a hidden slide in the home's mudroom (picture walkthrough after the jump) and has just about everything a kid would need to grow up to be a self-entitled jerkbag. Way to go, parents. Huh? YES I'M JUST BEING JEALOUS.

Designed by Steve Kuhl for a six-year old, the bedroom has a "floating" pirate ship that is connected to a "jail cell" by means of a rope bridge. A rope's suspended from the ship's hull for quick access to the closet, and another awesome addition is a completely hidden spiral slide, for the kid to travel downstairs in awesomeness.

Hit the jump for an entire gallery of the childhood bedroom you wish you had had. Wow, and to think how happy I was when I got a regular-ol' bunkbed. Granted things got less happy after I rolled out of it one night and shattered my fishtank on the way down, but you ever seen your aquatic friends flopping around dying on your bedroom carpet? I think my dad made a fish-stick joke.

Hit the jump and get jealous.












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Thanks to eD, Catrina and Sam, who all had treehouses growing up which, provided they were spider-free, ain't too shabby.

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