Blowing Up A Bottle In A Microwave, Or, 'How To Get Added To The Terrorist Watch List'

March 15, 2011


This is a video of a guy sealing a Kahlua bottle (The Dude -- is that you?!), putting it in a microwave, CLAMPING THE DOOR OF THE MICROWAVE SHUT SO IT DOESN'T BLOW OFF SO EASY, and setting the microwave's timer to 'total f***ing destruction'. Admittedly, it did a lot more damage than I expected, and just moved up four places on my list of how to dispose of old appliances. You hear that, 'drop from the top of my apartment building'? Have fun hanging out with 'bash with a sledgehammer' and 'back over with my neighbor's truck' you loser!

Hit the jump for the 'that was the third explosion from his garage this week, I'm calling the police'.

Early Bird Special []

Thanks to Kurt, who tried exploding a microwave inside a bigger microwave before but the guy at 7-11 asked what he was doing and he had to make a run for it.

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