Angry Birds As Iffy Live-Action War Movie

March 28, 2011


I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the -- nope, dude shot me right at a f***ing wall.

This is the fan-made trailer for a make-believe Angry Birds war movie. It was created by the same folks that brought us the 8-Bit Interview video posted awhile back but that probably means jackshit to you because you don't even hit the jump to watch things. You just scroll down the page in three seconds hoping for something Pokémon to catch your eye and if so 1. comment without reading anything and then it's 2. back to scouring websites for pics of the most scantily-clad women you think you can get away with at work. Haha, do I know you or what? I don't, I just have a spy-cam in your wall clock. YOU STEAL PEOPLES' LUNCHES!

Hit the jump for 2:16 you'll never get back.


Thanks to Shin, erik, MrTwinkles, Polly Pocket (but you're so tiny!) and telex, who all adhere to a strict 'no movies based on iPhone apps' watching policy.

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