360 "Fog-Based" 3-D Projection System

March 25, 2011


This is a new 3-D projection system. It projects images on a stream of controlled fog. *unzipping* "Fog, GW -- NOT urine." *zipping up* That's cool, I can't control my stream anyways.

A new, truly 360-degree 3-D display has been developed by researchers at Osaka University. The fog display is created by three projectors each beaming a different image into a column of thin fog, making the resulting image appear 3-dimensional from all angles. This technique means that viewers can physically walk around the display to see it from different vantage points without losing the 3-D effect.

There's a 1:30 explanation and demo of the system after the jump, which is a giant waste of time because they use a picture of a bunny the whole time. PRINCESS LEIA OR GTFO!

Hit the jump for the video.

Video: 360-Degree Fog Display Creates a 3-D Image Observable From All Angles [popsci]

Thanks to Anoush, who agrees trying to drum up interest in a 3-D projection system without some sweet Leia action is like giving away free samples of unmixed cake batter at the grocery store.

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