You Don't Want To Know: Period Panties

February 21, 2011


Period Panties are $12 colored skivvies for ladies to wear while they're on their monthly emotion-fest so they don't ruin a pair of frilly lace ones. Or something. Honestly, I don't know anything about women and only learned last week vaginas aren't oriented sideways like I always imagined. So yeah, I'm probably the wrong person to ask for stuff like this. For directions, sure, but I am going to send you into the worst part of town I can think of. Which, fun fact: is my neighborhood. Then I'll follow you on my bike and beat you up and steal your hubcaps. I'MMA SELL 'EM FOR CRACK!

Hit the jump for the two other designs and a link to the product site.


Product Site
For the ladies [albotas]

Thanks to Kevin, who knows a girl who menstruates so hard she doesn't have a period, she has an ellipsis. Hoooooooly shit!

  • marissa

    that's not really what "period panties" are. some girls might wear those styles during their menstrual cycle, but the term refers to undergarments that are similar to swim wear, for easier washing.

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