You Don't Want To Know: Period Panties

February 21, 2011


Period Panties are $12 colored skivvies for ladies to wear while they're on their monthly emotion-fest so they don't ruin a pair of frilly lace ones. Or something. Honestly, I don't know anything about women and only learned last week vaginas aren't oriented sideways like I always imagined. So yeah, I'm probably the wrong person to ask for stuff like this. For directions, sure, but I am going to send you into the worst part of town I can think of. Which, fun fact: is my neighborhood. Then I'll follow you on my bike and beat you up and steal your hubcaps. I'MMA SELL 'EM FOR CRACK!

Hit the jump for the two other designs and a link to the product site.


Product Site
For the ladies [albotas]

Thanks to Kevin, who knows a girl who menstruates so hard she doesn't have a period, she has an ellipsis. Hoooooooly shit!

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