Yes I'm A Doctor!: Stethoscope Headphones

February 16, 2011



I honestly can't believe these weren't invented earlier but they probably were and I just never heard about them because nobody keeps me in the loop. CARING MEANS SHARING DAMMIT! "Well, if you must know, I think I'm developing a rash on my--" UGH, ENOUGH ABOUT YOU -- THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT ME. Anyway, stethoscope headphones (or "stetheadphones") by Antrepo Design Industry. They're currently just conceptual, but the firm's hoping a manufacturer will actually want to produce them. Own a sweatshop in southeast Asia? Give 'em a ring! I dunno about you, but I want a pair. And not just to pretend I'm a doctor and squeeze up on some titties while listening to my latest jammy-jam, but...I'm lying. That's exactly why.

Hit the jump for several more shots of the heart-pounding beat-listeners.




Stetheadphone: Bring Me a Pair, Stat! [technabob]

Thanks to Marie, who's an actual nurse and says no real doctor will ever ask "to squeeze up on them titties". Dammit Marie you're blowing my cover!

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