Yeah, I Touched Your Grandma's Buttons!: The Family Tree Of Video Game Controllers

February 22, 2011


Note: Larger version HERE in case you want to print a copy yourself and save $30 by not buying a poster.

This is the family tree of video game controllers inspired by this family tree of video game controllers except way more professional looking. It's like if you and I both walked into the same job interview and you're wearing a suit and tie and I'm wearing whatever I wore to the bar last night plus a suction-cup dildo on my forehead. But you know what what? I'm still gonna get the job. You know why? Because I got skills. Well, HJ skills. Plus a disability. "Dammit GW, stupidity isn't a disability." Oh yeah? Then why's my life so hard? "You probably make it that way. Plus drink too much". *crying* WHAT ARE YOU, MY SHRINK NOW?

Product Site (with 24"x36" posters for $30)
Video Game Controller Evolutionary Tree Has a Missing Link to the Keyboard [technabob]

Thanks to Ferrous, who agrees not including a keyboard was a pretty serious faux pas. Also, running to get the morning paper with your pecker flailing. OH WHATEVER, IT'S CALLED EXHIBITIONISM.

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