Rated E: Wii Game Teaches Kid Bad Word

February 11, 2011


Seen here looking like he might have smeared a little doodie in the middle of his own forehead, Oliver Smith poses with the Wii game that taught him the word 'shitheads'. Hey -- everybody's gotta learn it sometime.

The Wii game Countdown, based on a UK game show of the same name, is rated for players age three and up by the European game ratings board. And yet when three-year-old Oliver Smith was playing the game with his mom, something very un-kid-friendly popped up on the screen.

One round in the game presents players with a series of jumbled letters, and asks them to figure out the word that's been jumbled up. In this case, the letters were SHAHSITED.

Oliver's mom Victoria picks up the story from there. "I couldn't believe my eyes as the word was slowly unveiled as an obscene insult," she said in a local news interview.

Eh. It's not like Coke didn't call this guy a f***er and Scrabble teach our children what a dildo is. It's all part of responsible parenting to be able to lie to your kids about stuff like this and avoid awkward conversations.

Kid: Daddy, what's teabag mean? Today at school somebody said they were gonna teabag me.
Father: What in the -- WAS IT THAT CREEPY GYM TEACHER?!
Kid: No.
Father: It means take you to Starbucks. Tea's for adults, go play in the garage.

Wii game Countdown exposes three-year-old to 'shitheads' [gamesradar]

Thanks to rosta, who learned all the bad words from a urinal divider in a men's restroom.

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