What, No Bathroom?: An AT-AT Cross-Section

February 23, 2011


Note: Full-size version HERE in case you actually want to read those little words instead of making up what they might be in your head. "Aaaah, of course -- a gyroscopic de-icing ion-cannon turret!"

Ever wonder what was in an AT-AT? I haven't. At least not since I was six and got the Kenner-made toy to put all my Star Wars action figures in. WHICH I STILL HAVE. *digging around in back of closet* Man, I feel like I'm about to open a time-capsule! You guys ready for this? *SMASHES TO SHIT WITH A CINDERBLOCK* Damn, nothing but a bunch of broken plastic. And -- wait a minute, what're these -- some sort of little bones. Oh no. OH GOD NO. *sobbing* HAMMY I THOUGHT YOU'D RAN AWAY!

The AT-AT Deconstructed [nerdapproved]

Thanks to timo99 (TELL ME YOU'RE NOT 12!) and Alan, who agree opening my AT-AT time capsule was even more memorable than Al Capone's safe. Thanks guys!

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