What Could Go Wrong?: Mind-Controlled Cars

February 21, 2011


I didn't know you could drive in heaven!

Driving by mind. It's a scary thought(!!!1) because most people are just texting anyways and I'm not sure how a car's gonna interpret that kind of input. You (texting): 'BOOTY CALL!' Car: drive on sidewalk.

Freie Universität Berlin professor Raul Rojas and his AI research team have developed a system called the BrainDriver that uses an electroencephalography head cap to interface with the primary functions of an automobile. Users must first undergo a bit of training, after which they are unleashed to travel the streets using only brain power.

Gee, what could possibly go wrong? SPOILER: "Ugh, I can't stand other drivers. How do you morons even have licenses?! God, I WISH YOU'D ALL JUST GO CRASH INTO -- oh shi-shi."

Hit the jump for an explanation of the technology and a demo of it in action.

Mind controlled car is like wielding the power of The Force [dvice]

Thanks to Ben, who's not interested until all he needs to think is 'take me to Taco Bell'.

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