What Can I Say, The Man Loved Blowing Shit Up: A 320,000 Firecracker Memorial Service

February 22, 2011


I know it may look like a homemade Fruit by the Foot fort, but those are actually strings of firecrackers. 320,000 crackers to be precise. And this is a video of them being detonated as a memorial service to a deceased family member while neighbors drive by calling the police. "Hello, 911? THERE ARE TERRORISTS IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD! Also, a pedovan. Plus my neighbor lets dandelion seeds blow into my yard -- is that an arrestable offense? Say, you don't happen to have the showtimes for the local theater do you? Hello -- hello?! I PAY TAXES, DAMMIT!"

Hit the jump for 1:30 of how the black smoke from LOST was born. Real actions starts around 0:40.

So That's What That Would Look Like of the Day [thedailywh.at]

Thanks to Party Patrick, who's always down for a good time. Like, 'for a good time call' good time, or just a good time? A, uh, friend wants to know.

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