Webcam House Turns You Into Giant Voyeur

February 16, 2011


This paper webcam attachment designed by Ryuji Nakamura makes it look like you're some sort of perverted giant peering through the window of whoever you're cyber-sexin'. "RAWR, I COULD CRUSH YOUR WHOLE HOUSE WITH MY PENIS!" Which -- anybody ever realized they Skyped the wrong person after already yanking their pants off? That shit is awwwkward. I mean, I've heard. Also, that you should probably just hang up instead of trying to play it off.

"Holy shit I thought you were my doctor!
...You, uh, know anything about wieners?"

A closeup of the house after the jump in case you have a Papercraft fetish.


Ryuji Nakamura's Website
Webcam Cover Creates Appearance of a Giant Looking Into a House [laughingsquid]

Thanks to Charlotte, who made a webcam attachment that makes it look like you're peering out a porthole in a spaceship. I see you, aliens!

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