Wait, What?: There's A G-Spot In The Ear?!?!

February 24, 2011


Proving that I've been treasure hunting in the wrong place my entire life, Vietnamese fans of 'ear-picking' claim there's a g-spot in the ear capable of producing orgasm-like reactions. Wait -- what?! Also, WTF is ear-picking? I'm not gonna lie, that shit sounds nasty. *wiping booger under Starbucks table*

There is a spot near the ear drum that, when touched the right way, "tingles," said 26-year-old ear picker Nguyen Thi Le Hang. "For one person, it may just be a tickle. For another person, it's a mind-blowing experience."

In fact, the ear has a G-spot, said Dr. Todd Dray, an ear, nose and throat surgeon at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center-Santa Clara. "The skin in your ear is super thin -- it's paper thin," he said. "It's very sensitive. And there are a lot of nerves that converge in the ear."

The tools include a tiny razor to shave hairs, a miniature shovel-like device to scoop up wax, tweezer-like objects to scrape the inner ear and little cotton balls on sticks that are twirled inside the ear to tickle the skin.

Ear pickers ply their trade with a mix of intense concentration and flirtation -- one reason men often don't want girlfriends or wives to know about their ear experiences. Frisky ear pickers sometimes blow into customers' ears. There are stories of customers leaving wives for ear pickers and a life of in-home ear pleasure.

Admittedly, one time I did pop a boner while Q-tipping my ears after a shower, but I just assumed it was because I'd put a pair of my girlfriend's panties on. What?! Don't knock it till you try it! And don't try it until you're 100% positive she's actually left for work. COME BACK BABY, I'M NOT A FREAK I SWEAR!

Vietnamese clients wax poetic over ear picking [mercurynews]

Thanks to Lord Tarl, who's way more into nose-picking LIKE A NORMAL PERSON.

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