VW's Star Wars Super Bowl Commercial

February 3, 2011


Cheer up bro, that's a good lookin' samwich!

Because you should never make people wait to see the 1-minute commercial you're paying $6-million to air during the Super Bowl, this is Volkswagen's Star Wars inspired ad. I don't want to ruin it for you, but I'm pretty sure that kid not only tried to Force-choke a baby-doll, but his dog as well, indicating some rather serious psychological issues that should probably be addressed before it's too late to turn back to the light. "He's Vader, man, it's already too late." IT'S NEVER TOO LATE! "Ever tried the Taco Bell drive-thru at 3AM on a Wednesday?" GAAAAAAH, you have a point.

Hit the jump for the commercial you can now ruin for everybody else during the actual Super Bowl.

Using the Force. Messing with kids' heads can be fun! [boingboing]

Thanks to ictinus, raficus, Mike, Roswell and doug, who have all used the Force to shovel driveways in the winter and make some extra spending money.

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