Unskilled Labor: Robot Cleans A Whiteboard

February 16, 2011



This is a video of a HOAP-2 humanoid robot learning how to wipe a whiteboard (God, learn how to do your ass first!). Granted it does a pretty crappy(!) job, but the point is that it learned how to do it, it wasn't just programmed. Next up: wiping the planet free of humanity. Whoa whoa whoa -- NOT ON MY WATCH, DEATH-BOTS! Please? I'm trying to start a cult and could really use the street-cred.

Hit the jump for a video of such an intense excitement level it can only be described as 'watching paint dry, plus a slow-moving robot'.

Robot Learns to Clean Whiteboard, Schoolchildren Rejoice [spectrum]

Thanks to Ad, who agrees Daniel-san would have been a better choice of board-wiper after all that waxing-on, wax-ing off experience.

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