Uncalled For!: Realistic Robotic Baby Head

February 8, 2011


Great, they're trying to trick our women.

This is a video of a guy jerking around a realistic robotic baby's head like he's searching for the holes in a bowling ball. KEEP LOOKING TILL IT STARTS SPARKING AND CATCHES FIRE!

...the goal of Osaka University's AFFETTO was to create a robot modeled after a young child that could produce realistic facial expressions in order to endear it to a human caregiver in a more natural way.

Listen: I love children as much as the next guy whose eyes turn into big $ signs whenever he thinks about all the cheap labor, but robotic babies designed to elicit nurturing emotions from a human? Not cool. I AIN'T RAISING NO ROBOTIC BABIES. Only the bar of excellence. Just kidding, I dropped that that shit to the floor like a fat man doing the limbo.

Hit the jump for a video of WTF robotified, along with a SPECIAL BONUS VIDEO of the head without its skin on that will flip your shi. Wow, that's not f***ing creepy.

Fake robot baby provokes real screams [engadget]

Thanks to Zombiepartz, Wade the Fade (like from The Wheel of Time series?!?!), lucie and Blue, who're convinced they're gonna start replacing babies at the hospital with these things as some sort of sick and twisted experiment. Hey I believe it.

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