Typing With Tootsies: Keyboard Flip Flops

February 16, 2011


Kito Keyboard flip flops are exactly what they sound like. Unless you thought they sounded like actual keyboards you wear on your feet, in which case, okay, maybe I was wrong. Just kidding, I'm never wrong. Sometimes I do moonlight as a Dr. Wong though, but that's only to sneak into the hospital and steal meds. So yeah, keyboard flip flops. Sure the print will wear off within the first week, but at least the shape of the keys will still be there. That's something, right? No, it's not. Not something worth spending money on anyways. But you know what is worth spending money on? Apparently a bunch of shit on eBay when I'm wasted right before bed. Just sayin', you know how many of those porcelain Precious Moments figurines I've had show up at my door? Every. Single. One.

Hit the jump for a commercial not in English.

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Thanks to I don't remember, who could have been anybody really.

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