Two Vices In One!: Slot Machine Pays Booze

February 22, 2011


This is a slot machine that pays out booze instead of nickels, making it THE BEST SLOT MACHINE EVER CREATED. Seriously, if aliens come down to earth after we've annihilated ourselves with nuclear missiles, they'll find this thing in the rubble and go, "well, they did get one thing right", except it'll sound more like "zrbrrt brrpp zzzprt bttttttttzzzz" BECAUSE THEY'RE ALIENS AND DON'T SPEAK HUMAN. With lisps, yes.

The BarBot was built by a team from the hacker collective NYC Resistor as part of a hacking competition co-sponsored by the videocontent company VIMBY and the carmaker Scion.

The team programmed the machine to stop only on mixes you'd find in a bartender's manual; just for fun, it also pays out tokens, but it yields a drink or a re-spin for a drink every time. The computer receives the result and sends ingredients and proportions for the winning drink to a microcontroller, which directs the bar unit, where pressurized containers store alcohol and mixers...An LED screen displays what's just been served, along with witty lines inspired by Fear and Loathing. Our favorite: "As your attorney, I advise you to spin!"

Do want. I don't care if casinos serve free booze as long as you're throwing money into a machine, sometimes I'm too drunk to talk to a person and I'm not getting kicked out again so some blue-hair can swoop in and collect my would-be winnings. MOVE IT OR LOSE IT GRANDMA, DADDY NEEDS MONEY FOR A BUS-TICKET.

The Bar Is Open: A Slot Machine That Pays In Drinks [popsci]

Thanks to Jessie, who knows a blackjack dealer that'll let you have a sip out of his flask if you throw him a chip. Yeaaaaaah that's not the same.

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