They Took Everything!: Google Accuses Microsoft Bing Of Stealing Search Results

February 2, 2011


Apparently Microsoft's search engine Bing has been stealing search results from Google and Google recently ran a sting operation to prove it. DAMN -- BUSTED, GATES! (Sorry, but we're all gonna have to hop the fence).

Google first smelled a rat when misspelled searches on Bing would bring up the same spelling corrected results as a Google search, even though Bing didn't attempt to correct the misspelled search term. Then they noticed a stronger than expected correlation between the top 10 results for many searches.

So they ran a sting, where they created "synthetic" searches by adding a random letter and number series to various web pages. A Bing search for that series returned no results until it was manually added to Google's search results, at which point it would magically appear in the Bing search.

Bing hasn't actually denied Google's claim, saying only that they use "multiple signals and approaches" to create their results.

Haha, "multiple approaches". Well obviously one is "use Google's results", what are the other ones? "We don't actually have any other ones." WELL THROW SOME GEEKOLOGIE LINKS IN THERE, SHIT!

Google: Bing Is Cheating, Copying Our Search Results [searchengineland] (ultra in-depth article explaining the findings)
Google claims Bing is cheating by copying their searches [dvice]

Thanks to Will C, buck and Amy, who don't steal anything but hearts. What in the -- I thought I felt dead inside!

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