There Can Be Only One: Facebook Vs. Twitter

February 16, 2011


Note: Obviously that isn't the whole graphic, you need to click RIGHT HERE NOW QUICK DO IT to see the whole thing.

Facebook vs. Twitter: there can be only one. Just kidding, there can be more than one. Unless we're talking about bugs in my breakfast cereal, in which case, yes, only one, and not a fly @$$hole more. This is an informational graphic comparing the users of Facebook and Twitter. I didn't bother studying it too hard because that's not what's important. What's important is Geekologie is on both (Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE). How bout that?! Now you can tell me to go die two more ways than just in the Geekologie comments! Which, if you include sending tips, makes FOUR avenues of angry contact. You could drive a tanker truck full of hate down that shit the wrong way! *making the universal hand gesture for 'blow your horn'* HOOOOOOOOOOOONK!! Hoho -- takes me back to the short bus every time.

Image of the Day: who is using Facebook and Twitter? [dvice]

Geekologie on Faceybooks
Geekologie on Tweeter

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