The Race For Your Life: Robot Marathon Gets Underway In -- You'll Never Guess! -- JAPAN

February 24, 2011


Seen here making me work up a sweat just looking at them (fear AND the thought of exercise), two robots compete in the first (and hopefully last) Robot Marathon in Osaka, Japan. It's a full, 26-mile marathon that kicked off today (Thursday for you SHAMEFUL, NON-DAILY READERS) and is expected to last until Sunday, because, well, just look at those little legs. That's the shit they try to serve on 25¢ wing night!

The contestants are expected to take four days to complete the course, which involves 423 laps of an indoor track.

Operators are allowed to change the robots' batteries and motors but if the machines fall over they must get up by themselves.

The race is being organised by local authorities and a local robotics firm, which hopes the marathon will become an international event in the future.

Organisers say they expect the race to be won not by the fastest robot but by the one that can withstand the most wear and tear.

Hey, you wanna know who's not gonna win the race? Humanity. I don't care if it takes a robot 4 days to walk 26-miles, you know what they have that we don't? Endurance. Just sayin', I collapsed on my way to the fridge this morning and I started from the kitchen floor. I'm light-headed and pukey by the end of every Geekologie article!

Hit the jump for -- *searching Youtube* yes, hit the jump for a video of the action.

First robot marathon kicks off in Osaka, Japan [bbcnews]
World's first robot marathon kicks off in Japan [seattletimes]

Thanks to AJ, Disturbing News, StuBru, Robert, Camille and vincent "all man baby" p., at least one of which feels the need to express his manliness through his tipster name. The rest of which let their natural sessiness speak for itself.

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