The Origin Of The Species Countries: Or, Where All Our Countries Got Their Names

February 7, 2011


Adam didn't name them all?

Note: I don't care if you can spot a nickel from across the street, there's no way you can read this. Click HERE to see the whole map in it's full-res glory and getcha learn on.

This is a map showing the origin/meaning of all countries' names. Honestly, I have no idea if it's accurate or not because I don't know anything about things like this. You see, I prefer to save my brain-space for more important stuff like, oh I don't know -- MARGARITAS. Which -- who knew Mexico meant 'Navel of the Moon'? Sure beats 'Some Planet's Butthole'! *ahem* Greenland.

Origins of the names of every country [reddit]

Thanks to Shenanigans, who still wants an island named after him. Me? I'm shooting for a drink. Something with a little umbrella.

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